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Medicinal & Process Chemistry

INCOZEN offers complete medicinal chemistry services from Hit identification to lead optimization including SAR exploration and drug design. The team has knowledge and expertise to lead drug design and synthesis efforts gained from extensive experience in various global and Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Medicinal Chemistry Services
  • Structural class novelty assessment - IP evaluation
  • Hit identification through focused library synthesis
  • Hit-to-lead SAR campaign
  • Lead compound optimization
  • Drug discovery collaborations
Process Development

The Process department can support the pre-clinical programs and toxicology by providing services in the areas of Process Chemistry, Custom Synthesis. With best-in-class infrastructure, Incozen can do synthesis from milligram to kilogram scale (Non-GMP) material.

Process Chemistry Services
  • Process development
  • Process optimization & validation
  • Process improvement
  • Scale-up
  • Metabolite synthesis