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What We Do

Over the past decade, Incozen has built cutting edge capabilities in the discovery and development of novel oncology therapeutics. This is evidenced by the successful licensing of our pipeline compounds by global pharma & biotech partners who’ve progressed these through late stage clinical development in their geographies. One such program is poised for NDA submission, eventual approval and launch by our partner TG Therapeutics.

Incozen’s journey has been contemporaneous with the explosive growth seen in oncology drug development over the past decade. This period has also changes in the clinical trials and regulatory landscape leading to more globalization of clinical trials & development activities beyond the developed markets into Asia and rest of the world. The availability of large under-treated patient pools along with proven pharmaceutical development capabilities in these developing markets has allowed faster clinical trial recruitment & execution and efficient commercialization. The Asian market in particular is ever increasing in value and Asian companies are scaling up to meet these opportunities.

Incozen has leveraged its synergistic affiliation with Rhizen & Alembic optimally to position itself as an Asian oncology-focussed enterprise with deep development & commercialization capabilities that is ready to address global markets.