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Incozen is an oncology-focused biotech, based out of Hyderabad, India. Over the last decade of our operations, we have built an enviable track record of successful drug discovery collaborations led by an experienced & talented R&D team and fueled by our passion to beat cancer – together with our partners!

Incozen does not execute contract research projects and has a differentiated approach in the form of risk-shared drug discovery & development. We work with partner’s assets or incubate programs for collaboration. We leverage our track record & expertise to execute efficiently and translate these programs to success.

What Sets Incozen Apart

Discovery and development of novel onco-therapeutics requires collaboration & focus – and Incozen has demonstrated its ability to excel at building and fostering strong relationships with our partners that have resulted in a portfolio of several late stage and approved therapies – each built to be differentiated from the competition and successfully withstand the rigor of regulatory approvals.

Successful Track Record

Differentiated drug candidates

Risk Sharing and Ownership

End-to-end oncology R&D Expertise

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Collaborative Models


Partner associates with Incozen to execute it's early-stage ongoing oncology small molecule program


Incozen incubates a partner-ready program on a novel oncology target in an emerging area of interest

Incozen in a Decade

Areas of Collaborative Interest

Essential for DNA repair in response to any endogenous or environmental assaults thereby allowing smooth progression of the cell cycle. Several largely district mechanisms exist that promote DNA repair. With demonstrated expertise in targeting a couple of these pathways, Incozen believes that there is immense scope in further exploiting the concept of “synthetic lethality” across several tumor types.

Cell cycle regulators that bind to cyclins and participate in the cell division process. CDK inhibitors interfere with multiplication of cancer cells thereby playing a major role in attenuating progression of tumors. With the existence of various isoforms and their significance across a myriad of tumor types, Incozen believes that intervention through small molecule inhibitors represents an attractive long-term therapeutic opportunity.

Immuno-oncology has gained high visibility over the last decade with agents priming the hosts immune cells to target tumors. While antibodies have demonstrated reasonable success in this domain, they are often fraught with issues such toxicity, dose-limitations, and scalability. Small molecules in the immune-oncology space offer an alternate treatment modality that can be combined with chemotherapeutic agents for maximal anti-tumor effect from both direct-targeting as well as modulation of the microenvironment.

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